Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So, it started out as one of those days. 

I'm now on day 12 with my finger wrapped up like a corndog from my surgery.  But now it looks like a dirty corndog that fell on the ground at the State Fair.

Then there was The Estimate.  Just that word, "estimate" can send shivers down the spine of any homeowner.  Looks like it's going to cost three times what we thought to fix the bathroom.  **sigh**

And, to top it all off, I got my first pair of bi-focals.  "Mawmaw" is in the house, y'all!
I mean, what's next?  Support hose and one of those girdles that looks like capri pants??

Definitely one of those days when the dog and cat know to stay out of my way.  It's almost funny to watch them scurry under the furniture as I come barreling through wielding this-or-that vacuum attachment.  Would make a great youtube video:  animals crashing into each other like the Keystone Cops and me the Domestic Godzilla grumbling and cursing at dustballs and crumpled t-shirts left on the floor for 'the maid' (read: me).

No room is spared the insult of my family's filth.  Even MY KITCHEN:  my workshop, my studio, my temple - bears the grease and grime of their onslaught.  This time, it's personal! 

I leap to the task of reclaiming my space and load the dishwasher feverishly - well, as feverishly as you CAN with a dirty corndog on one finger.  Counters are cleared of clutter like clockwork.  Pots placed precisely on their perches. (OK, I love alliteration.)  My senses of accomplishment and indignation rise simultaneously as the voices in my head echo:  "What a bunch of pigs!"  "Must He make this much mess when He fixes breakfast?"  "They didn't even HAVE grape jelly today."  "How'd that chocolate sauce get up there?"  "Just WAIT till they ask to use my computer!!" 

And right as my anger is at its peak?  Then I see it................

A love note left in spilled sugar.  In that moment, I melt.  I am butter left on the counter overnight.  The unsigned masterpiece on my kitchen counter peels my heart open like an onion.  The day is transformed.  Suddenly, I am gleefully whirling about, shining the stainless and crankin' up the crockpot.  Picture Snow White - only middle-aged with new bifocals.

Suddenly, I remember that the corndog comes off tomorrow.  YAY!  My kid says, "Mom, I like your cool new glasses."  And, as far as The Estimate?  No sweat.  This time, the check really WAS 'in the mail.'

Amazing what "a little sugar" can do.

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P.S. Hello to my new friends in Israel and India!!


  1. Mo, I'm glad it melted ya heart. My ornery ass would've smiled & kept complaining. "Seriously,they saw the sugar and knew it was enough to draw in, couldn't they have cleaned it up". It's almost spring cleaning time and who doesn't need to be worked into a lather to get it done? The other plus to the new specs is soon you'll need to perch them on the end of ya nose to see the family love they leave behind. I also notice that food ends up in unique designs in ya kitchen. First a heart and now a smiley face. I think it means it's a happy place. Hope all goes well with your corndog.

  2. Mo, I am so glad I found your blog again! I found it once before but lost it. I now live in Chattanooga, since KATRINA, so I got an app for WWL radio. I was thinking about how to find your blog so I turned on your hubby's show and low and behold within the first 2 minutes he mentioned your blog! HEAVEN SENT!
    I now will be keeping up with you and your wonderful recipes! Thanks for being here and hope your finger heals quickly.